Bubble 1.1

Knock out bubbles to achieve a high score!


  • Challenging puzzles
  • Keeps tally of your score as you go


  • Gets monotonous quickly
  • Boring graphics

Not bad

Bubble is a game for Macs that challenges you to eliminate similarly colored bubbles adjacent to one another on a simple game board.

Typical of most bubble style games, Bubble's concept is very basic and simple to learn. You're presented with a full game board of bubbles that come in a myriad of different colors. The goal is to identify the bubbles with identical colors. Double click on them and they'll disappear from the screen, causing the bubbles above them to drop down to fill their place. Once you get to the bottom line of the game board, a handful of more colorful bubbles will be thrown onto the Bubble board for you to take advantage of.

The objective of Bubble seems to be to eliminate all of the bubbles from the screen. The problem is that the game really doesn't have any penalties or even any incentives for winning it. This means it can get boring pretty quickly, even for the most focused game players out there. Bubble's graphics are also pretty basic and leave much to be desired.

Bubble is your typical bubble basic strategy matching game for Mac that'll keep you amused for a few minutes, but probably not in the long-term.



Bubble 1.1

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